Welcome to Mystic Ruins…

This is the Citadel, a fortress overlooking the Mystic Ruins Network.

Welcome to the watch tower.  The Mystic Ruins has always been a safe haven for those ideas which couldn’t find a home.  The Forest of Dreams always has the energy to maintain them.  Here in the watch tower, we include  access to our featured writing, a story from one of my portfolios either the Mystic Scroll or the Mystic Parchment.

Just watch the construction…

What’s Going on in the Citadel

Featured Writing

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Featured Links

Dune Chronicles

Featuring the original Works of Frank Herbert and the expanded universal works by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson.
These works are some of the best Sci-fi fiction of our time, the main chronicles are a timeless legend in the genre.

Brandon Sanderson

Author of Elantris and the Mistborn Trilogy. His approach to the Fantasy Genre is a refreshing breather. He doesn’t use worn out stereotypes and old tropes established long ago. He takes Epic Fantasy and turns it on its head. His characters have to make do with what they have. Also he is the author chosen to finish Robert Jordan’s Epic Wheel of Time.

Phrases for thought

Feel free to use them anyway you like.

Doubt and pout, or smile and shine.

Seeds of Writing

Feel free to use them in anyway you like.

Lost…Deep in space…no other human contact

Need Some Direction?

A pathway unfolds before your feet…

To the left

A lighter more well trodden path, with the known elements and tropes of Fantasy in full display
Mystic Ruins Scroll

To the right

A darker path, less traveled, dangerous and one trope of Fantasy missing, No Prophecy. A creaking sign hangs near the edge of the path…Beware of Vampires…
Mystic Ruins Parchment

Down the middle

Coming mid to late 2011… Mystic Ruins Journal…